About us


The Da-A-Luz Oasis is a centre for post-modern midwifery offering education, research and a safe refuge for birth professionals and families. A place of shared wisdom and dedication to protect the human right for women to birth where, how and with whom they wish.

Women have come here to birth their babies gently with team of lay midwives for twenty years we are home to inspiring ante-natal classes and an annual midwives rock festival.
Aspiring birth workers come to learn skills, be nurtured and take
their knowledge back to their communities.
The Da-A-Luz project counsels women through miscarriage, birth trauma
and termination, being a point of contact for non-judgmental and loving
support in the community.

Da-A-Luz  campaigns throughout Europe in the fabulous Big Black Truck and our 6m geodesic dome dedicated to informing and inspiring parents and supporting birth professionals in these challenging times.

Our workshops for both pregnant women and birth professionals change lives.


What Are We Doing?
We are building school dedicated towards creating a new paradigm in
midwifery education.

10426542_10152912985776202_4602459287019194349_nFirst steps…spring 2014

Midwifery is an ancient and honourable profession.

We dedicate this incredible temple to it,s future.

We started building in 2014 with the help of a donation from Antje
Martje, a midwife from the Netherlands.

imageAerial vision of the  projected building

We have a community of beautiful folk who are working hard to make this
vision come true.
We have a group of brave and wise teachers from around the world lined
up to teach.

                                                                       Our Vision

Da-A-luz will in the next years create a centre of education and research that will be instrumental in changing birth for the next generation.


One thought on “About us

  1. I am a retired man of 68, married for 40 years and have three boys with my wife Marianne. I was married before and have a daughter with my first wife. I missed my daughter’s birth because of my drinking problem, but have been beside my wife for all three boys. I have wanted to be hands on in my son’s births, but in the Usa, men were barely permitted to take part. Christian, my oldest boy, I saw born through the images on a mirror from the ceiling. My heart full and my eyes full of happy tears. Michael, our second born, I witnessed over a leg, holding my wife’s hand and trying to narrate what I saw. Again, a heart bursting with emotions and eyes full of tears. Our third boy, Tommy? I got to be first chair at his coming. See his head crown, support him and help him out. Help him take his first breathes, separate him from his mother. put him on his mother’s bare stomach and then in her arms. That him off and wash hin, put clothes on him and be part of his first moments alive on this earth. I wish my education permitted me to create words that expressed the feeling I had being part of my son’s births…… I hope you find time at your place to help Papa’s experience the miracle of birth…..My your Gods bless you all…..


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