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10399979_10152610806181202_4308900718583752500_nDA~A~LUZ was created by myself… Vanessa Brooks, I was lucky enough to Learn my midwifery skills in the same way as Ina May Gaskin, empirically “with woman” in an incredible community in the South of Spain. Over 20 years many many babies have been born on the mountain side with the support and love of a tribe, two of my children were born there in my teepee both beautiful births. I knew nothing of birth before living in this paradise but for some reason folk kept asking me to accompany them on their journeys! I became the midwife. I studied hundreds of books about birth, but it was the actually births that taught me and still do 20 years later to be with woman in her most instinctual, intimate moments this  was a gift…… I thank each one of those families for trusting their bodies and myself to guide them.

My first experience within a hospital setting was to feed my passion to change birth….a ‘normal’ birth was it seemed the most terrible experience lying on her back this beautiful mother was cut and her baby dragged from her…compared to the ecstatic if often long and hard births I had seen this was truly a hideous event.

This fired my interest in looking at birth in other countries surly women in more ‘modern’ places were not enduring this experience? Well apparently yes! Birth practices across Europe were not serving families leaving damage and trauma in many.

I became a birth activist travelling the world with Midwifery today, Ina May and her fantastic colleagues, studying what were the root causes of the present birth culture.

What I discovered was that midwives were trained in a medical model not at all suited to good birth culture..From this realisation the Midwifery Oasis was born.

One thought on “About us

  1. I am a retired man of 68, married for 40 years and have three boys with my wife Marianne. I was married before and have a daughter with my first wife. I missed my daughter’s birth because of my drinking problem, but have been beside my wife for all three boys. I have wanted to be hands on in my son’s births, but in the Usa, men were barely permitted to take part. Christian, my oldest boy, I saw born through the images on a mirror from the ceiling. My heart full and my eyes full of happy tears. Michael, our second born, I witnessed over a leg, holding my wife’s hand and trying to narrate what I saw. Again, a heart bursting with emotions and eyes full of tears. Our third boy, Tommy? I got to be first chair at his coming. See his head crown, support him and help him out. Help him take his first breathes, separate him from his mother. put him on his mother’s bare stomach and then in her arms. That him off and wash hin, put clothes on him and be part of his first moments alive on this earth. I wish my education permitted me to create words that expressed the feeling I had being part of my son’s births…… I hope you find time at your place to help Papa’s experience the miracle of birth…..My your Gods bless you all…..


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