423950_10151220018391202_455585812_nWe offer courses and experiences to inspire all year round we welcome you to join us❤️ Here is a taste of the modules we run. if you would like to talk about joining us  please do message me…or e mail at

⭐️Itinerary for Daaluzoasis January 2018 – June 2018.⭐️

Classes run Monday- Wednesday 10am – 5pm each week.
Women’s circle runs every Friday 11.15-1.45

Classes with:
❤️ are modules that will count towards the Da-a-luz midwifery accreditation.
🌞 are weeks exclusively for our full time students.
🤰bumps babies week

Please e mail or message me for more information on individual modules, fees are variable and spaces limited.

🌞Monday 8th January:
This week we are joined by Ruth Willis ( we will enjoy womb blessing, dancing for birth and all her knowledge and wisdom as an experienced birth keeper in her community.
The birth business….

❤️Monday 16th -18January :
‘Love of birth and herbs’
With Sophie Paulding ( BSc honours,herbal medicine )
We will look at the importance of herbal knowledge for the birthkeepers.
An in-depth study of preparing and use of 10 herbs that will serve you in your practice.
The second part of the module will take place on 7th -9th May.

❤️ 22nd -23rd January:
‘Food for thought’ with Rebecca Jones.
We will take an in-depth look at what the body needs to conceive, during pregnancy and the breast feeding journey.
Essential knowledge for those guiding women through these journeys.
Monday 29 January:
❤️A week with resident teachers Vanessa Brooks & Deborah Faye Rhodes, looking at normal birth, VBAC & twins in the Home birth environment
❤️ Monday 5-14th February:
Comprehensive breast feeding, with Emily Clark.
This is a two week intensive everything you could want to help women through thier breast feed journey and more!
More infomation can be found at……
❤️ Monday 19-28 February:
‘You are a temple’ with Alexa Dean.
As birth worker we must look after our own well being to keep our practice sustainable. To prevent burnout is one of our biggest challenges.
We will also look at the importance of ceremony during the childbearing year.
Daily yoga, massage techniques, rebozo, developing listening, closing the bones and blessing way ceremony’s.
( )
🌞Monday 5th March: full time student project week/exam
❤️Monday 12-14th March.
‘Birthrites’ with Jady Mountjoy.
Reclaiming and redefining our rites of passage as women in these times.

• Introducing a radical approach to women’s development that is central to girls’ and women’s health and psycho-spiritual growth, rooted in the wisdom held in the menstrual cycle.
• Developing the skills to navigate and nurture our inner ecology as women through charting and interpreting our cycle
• Exploring how harnessing and honouring the wisdom of our cycle influences our experience and approach to fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth, motherhood and relationships.
• Dignifying, acknowledging and empowering our girls and women through ceremony and ritual, from menarche to menopause and beyon.
❤️March 26-27th
Homeopathy with Elizabeth Flynn.
Elizabeth is a home birth muma with years of experience using homeopathy with women and families.
Having worked in Africa, Ireland and now living in Spain we are honoured to have her with us.
Monday 2nd April. Holiday week.
🌞Monday 9th April:
🌞Monday 16th April:
20-22nd April Kidz festival.
A weekend of fun and learning for kidz from all over the world!

❤️Monday 23-25th April
Kinesiology skills with Suzzane Ruddle.
A brilliant course we enjoyed so much last year learning this incredible technique, so valuable to birth keepers.
🌞Monday 30th May
❤️Friday 4-6th May:
MIDWIVES ROCK: Da-a-luz annual meeting of minds from all over Europe, inspiring discussions and debate around how to create real change within birth culture and preserve our autonomy.
We will also be joined by Joy Horner who will share her brilliant breech workshop and wisdom learned from her many years as an independent midwife in the U.K.

MAY: During May we will be running two modules:
❤️The place of Law & ethics in Birth.
❤️Emergency refugee care and cultural awareness.
We will be confirming dates ASAP. Please register your interest In these modules and I will send more info when available.

❤️Monday 7th-9th May.
Second part of herbal modual ( it is necessary to have attended the first class in Jan. to attend.)
🌞Monday 14th May: Mel scott.
🌞Monday 21st May politics week…ethics…
🌞Monday 28th May
🌞Monday 4th June:
Ten day elective placement open to university students.

The next 2 year course will begin in mid October 2018 if you would like more details please e mail me.

We ask that to take part in our inspiring classes you are a member of Da-a-luz, link below in blue.u
This enables us to continue our work on the temple build and the on going development of the project.

💛So looking forward to an incredible year of sharing wisdom💛

Blessings Vanessa Brooks
Project manager, DA-A-LUZ OASIS.

Please support us by becoming a member.

💜 Changing consciousness birth by birth ❤️




We offer 9 month internships, 10 day modules and elective placements

                                            Apprenticeship with Da-a-luz.

We are apprentices of life, learning from the land and the wise and varied women we will live with…. This is a chance to get back to our true selves… to create ceremony, keep traditional skills alive whilst still keeping time to cultivate our instincts.
A group sharing a passion to recreate birth for the next generation….

On a practical level what will this mean?

My wish is to choose 6 families/ women who will live in our area for a cycle of 4 seasons from Sept till mid june.

Through the autumn, we will prepare for winter, be inspired by spring and be tropical for summer…………sharing the passion to create a new paradigm for birth in Europe.

Our area is a diverse mix of many who have decided to live a more simple and green lifestyle, Orgiva has been dubbed the ‘new age capital of Europe’ so the range of activities is immense from pottery to tantric dancing..all possible here.

Our students can choose to live on a shared piece of land nearby the school or to live in local accomadation, which averages at around 350e month.

If you choose to live on the community field life will be close to nature, close to each other in a structure of your own. We have a small communal kitchen,Water from the spring is a 20 walk or close drive…. There is no electricity, nor WiFi.  Cooking together, gathering & chopping wood, living simply, helping create a community garden, enjoying freezing mornings.…….. not forgetting the challenges of living so close brings!

It is a very beautiful place, lots of parties and fair amount of wild things going on.lawless some say encouraging the bravery we need to be birthkeepers.


A year with Da-a-luz  will kickstart your journey to being a birthkeeper in your community, able to inform,inspire and support women during birth.
We will enjoy a stream of wise women staying with us during the course who will also live and breathe alongside us on our process……….

The course is 9 months of study; mid  October through to end of June.We offer 400 hours of study, the resources and guidance to produce your own project of a chosen subject  and an opportunity to be part of developing a centre dedicated to creating radical birth change in Europe.

We look at:

  • :The history of midwifery and what it means to be a post modern midwife.
  • On going basic study of anatomy and physiological birth.
  • Intensive course to enable you to run birth preparation course.
  • Politics of birth.
  • Ethics,law and human rights in childbirth
  • Out of the ordinary..looking at breech, twins and other skills we need to support our practice.
  • Running a community practice the highs and lows
  • Post birth care.
  • Breast feeding.
  • Four weeks herbal medicine.
  • Shiatsu course.
  • Taste of kinesiology, homeopathy, acupuncture.
  • Hypnobirthing.
  • Weekly sharing circle.
  • Singing weekly
  • and often lots more random amazing stuff to do!

We will work together to further the changes in birth across the world, we ask students to take an active role in developing the school and working to create the centre during work days….. a helping hand when we welcome elective students and fundraising to keep the school growing.

You will play an active role in the Da-a-luz bumps and babies group.

It will be an intense but fun!


To come to be with us we ask 1850 pounds. This covers all teaching,and a spot in the field to camp, you need to think what you would live in we do not provide your shelter.    A donation will be agreed each week for communal shopping for the kitchen (25e-30e a week) fruit and veg is really cheap. Health food can be ordered wholesale.

We hope that this  fee will make it viable for everyone. if you would like to be with us but feel that money is a barrier we do offer  one volunteer is bloody hard work as you are studying and running around like a nutter but we are also open to suggestions if you have a particular skill.

Yes you will have to support yourselves for a year also but no one will starve!
We will look after each other……..and a possible lesson in poverty is essential to every midwife as we certain will never be rich from our work!

Where does my money go?

In the next year all fees will be poured into the school building and landscaping, we pay teachers expenses and the project leader Vanessa Brooks take a very minimal salary when possible!                                                                                                         


At the end of the year we hope transformation, empowerment and knowledge will lead  you  towards being a true birth keeper in your community,

You will be proud of a beautiful body of work you have created and you will have a network of brave a wonderful folk beside you….we welcome students to stay with us longer to gain more insight and the possibility to attend births with our practice.

There are many questions that need to be answered so do ask them……….
Fire away….

I will be holding interviews in May and ask that you visit us then to meet face to face and to feel the place.

Blessings may we journey together……


Part time…
Da-a-luz offers elective students  the opportunity to join us at the  midwives camp living and learning alongside the full time apprentices.
We offer placements of 10 days all year which give enough time to experience camp life, enjoy the library and company of birth pioneers from around the world.
Our week looks like this…Well generally:
(The teaching is with which ever guest  teacher is with us…)
Mondays: We sing! With Layla…A session to raise the oxytocin and exercise the lungs. Then we help our team of builders on the temple where one day we will learn with views over the mountains.
Afternoon teaching session.
Tuesdays: We study all day today.
Wednesday: Morning study session lunch then a more practical afternoon together..walking creating and dreaming of how to make all this better and better together…..
Thursday: A free day as market is in town to enjoy…… An evening circle for students to share joys and difficulties that come up from the journey of midwifery learning and living in community
Friday:9am Yoga with Aziza  ..suggested 5e.
10.30am Women’s circle, open to our wider community to listen and share from our hearts (students do not have to attend but most do… free activity) Friday afternoons is study period…
The weekends are free time to be and explore this beautiful area.

To join us we ask £300 for your ten day stay which includes,food and tuition, camping spot is included but a tent and bedding is not. However if prefered there is an excellent selection of cheap accommodation around..Órgiva Vacation Rentals & Short Term Rentals –

All of those who have come have deeply loved it despite the challenges of living off grid in very simple surrounding, washing in the river, sitting by the fire, absorbing the wisdom of those around and the greater knowledge of the earth….. There are often lively dance parties here juxtaposed with satsang meetings of stillness. Diversity is so opening.
Please let me know the dates you would like to come and I will check the time table and tell you what’s going on around that time.
To book your time please send a deposit of £100 to
Vanessa Brooks
Caxia bank.  Pl del doctor Fleming,5, 18400,Orgiva,Spain
IBAN/BIC: ES16 2100 2505 06011035 8812/ CAIXESBBXXX
So looking forward to sharing special fireside times. A meeting of minds that can change birth and offer space for real midwifery to flourish.
Blessings Vanessa

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  1. I met with you at Buddahfield in July with my daughter Rachel. She and her husband Ben have asked me to be with them for the birth of their baby – what an honour privaledge and excitement. I am so so grateful for all we learnt with you over those 3 days. I trust I will use it well and be there to bless and welcome my new grandchild.
    Thank you.
    I’m not a midwife – just a nurse and mother – but I might try and visit you one day. A wonder-ful learning.