Want to help?

Go to our membership page and join, or contact us for investment opportunities.


We are a grassroots community living off grid, this is a dream of many years..our funding has come so far from Vanessa’s personal work and a kind first donation of 4000e from a midwife in Holland, plus other smaller donations along the way…we need investment to really help us to reach our potential……



People want the space passionately….

We need to find €25,00 to complete the school infrastructure and to keep us rolling on……

This will be spent on our building team who are working so hard to
create this stunning space.
We are lucky enough to have Nigel  Whybrow our  project manager with a dedicated team of volunteer builders.

The money is needed for feeding the gang,
Costs for the general
infrastructure are €650 a week to keep us rocking and if we plough on
we reckon we will finish by autumn…..

We urgently need to buy the remaining roof materials.
We have been donated a fabulous Land Rover to use during the
build, but we have to put diesel in it….

Please trust every penny will be used wisely.

A detailed list of needs and wants can be found at the end of this


1) These are our urgent, immediate costs:
•    Wages and food for build crew-
Volunteers – €25/wk plus food and lodging
•    Building materials for roof and outer walls
•    Doors, windows
•    Interior finishing (wood burner system etc)

2) Beyond the building of the school, wider site equipment and
infrastructure are needed.  Any surplus funds will flow in this
•    Dedicated site vehicle
•    Alberca (large water storage tank) x2
•    Canvas cover for geodesic dome (currently temporary teaching space,
when the school is finished this dome will be the student recreational
space in winter and travelling workshop space in summer)

If you are generous beyond our wildest dreams, we can make our space
luxuriously comfortable and gorgeous:
•    Student compost toilet, shower and fully equipped kitchen
•    Website update
•    Beautiful things – hangings, rugs, artwork, cushions, drapes, candle
lamps etc
•    Solar lights
•    Paint and brushes

We would love a dedicated childminder / playgroup leader / ‘unschooling
not-teacher’ to come live with us…

Follow our progress on Facebook – Da-a-Luz Holistic Birth
Or come visit us on site near Orgiva, Southern Spain.

Vanessa and the Da-a-Luz team.


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