7. Inspiration…

Nicola Mahdiyyah Goodall…
“It’s absolutely essential that we prepare birthkeepers to walk with
women on their journey whichever turn it takes. Much of the available
training prepares the women to fill out paperwork, watch their back for
investigation, work as obstetric nursing staff or deliver interventions
and drugs with little room for gentle, patient birth care. With gentle
birth we create unfathomable love and strong families and I truly
believe the warrior birthkeeper is guardian of this saving grace.”

“Evidence of true midwifery is now hard to see in contemporary
maternity services around the world. Women, midwives, families and
whole cultures bear the brunt of the violence of institutionalised and
over medicalised pregnancies and births. A new midwifery school will
counter the trend towards alienated birthing environments, and help
work towards helping those who care about how life is born”.

“We, midwifes, are trained as technology extensions, and not for
looking into the women’s eyes. We, humanhood, have lost the confidence
on the women’s body and their natural strength. We, mothers, want a
silent midwife by our side that we can trust in and be left in peace
with our own bodies, with our own labours, with our own babies…
Because we know how to do it. Just keep fear far from our side.
***Thanks for creating this place***”

Vanessa Brooks…
“I truly believe the way we birth and the way we die are sacred events.
That it is essential to the next generation that we step out of the
present system which is crushing the spirits of midwives and mothers
all over the world. And that we joyfully create a new way.”

Georgina Mueller…
“I am pregnant with my 2nd and I have find with the last and this that
nearly all the midwives I have come in contact with have little or no
knowledge of natural and home birth. I do not feel I have been given
any empowerment to think my body and mind can do it. It has left me
nervous and a little scarred. I had one older wiser lady who was great
but in minority.”

Jude Horscraft…
“So looking forward to seeing the new Da a Luz sanctuary… A place to
recharge and nurture the souls of those that give themselves to

Umm Surur…
“I’m a mother of two little princeses who borned at home, I’m studying
at the university, want to become a midwife… but in this system I
just found fear and nonsense, actually, sometimes it is against nature,
against humanity. I’m looking forward to finish this step to start with
the real knowledge. I know, maybe I’m just working for a piece of paper
but I hope after this I can help girls, women, pregnants, midwifes,
humans… from inside to outside, maybe as a bridge. Would be beautiful
to act as a bridge, so spirituality could pass through in all that
concerns to birth, sexuality, been a mum or dad, teenager or baby.
Would be nice to have a place in earth, and even more if this place is
in Alpujarras!, for sharing ancestral knowledge and experiences…
Because this knowledge must be planted in every heart. ¡It’s so
Important! We have to listen our hearts, allowing spiritual births so
we grow spiritual humans who respects the essence of LOVE.”


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