Summer elective 2019

Once again we will be welcoming students from universities to come and share 10 day with us in our beautiful space, seeing that to be a midwife can be a heartwarming and satisfying career choice.

Information of travel and fees can be found in the FAQ SECTION.



10am We will start will an opening circle to get to know each other and our hopes and dreams for the future.

11.30-1.30 We start our fabulous placenta module will midwife Hannah Snell, during the week we will look at all aspects of the placenta from anatomy to it properties when consumed, delivery of the placenta and the conditions needed to create a safe space for a natural third stage

TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY 10-5am will be filled with the magic of this incredible organ so many cool facts to take home.

THURSDAY is market day so you are free to rest, shop, swim, take in some local colour

FRIDAY 11am: Women’s circle ⭕️ every week for many years we have run a circle this is a space to share, often an emotional opening for all those that attend, a safe space.

SATURDAY is party night a chance to dress up and let your hair down and dance to fabulous DJ,s

You have the weekend free to nurture yourselves…..


10am: We will spend our morning with Marianne Littlejohn, with 35 years experience of being a midwife with women in South Africa Her depth of knowledge is inspiring…her story is strong.

1.30 LUNCH

2.30 This afternoon we will start the presentations of our first year students, here you will enjoy the specialist subject that each student has chosen…to look at in more depth during the year…


We will start the day with a Yoga session, even if you have never practiced give it a go, a way of keeping body and soul together during stressful times.

The rest of Tuesday we will enjoy the first year presentations and give feed back.


A morning of lively debate on 3 subjects picked out of the hat always a thought provoking time challenging ourselves to look out of the box.

After lunch we will present ‘ The essence of birth ‘ a session run here for 13 years to enable you to take a little of what you have absorbed here home…a deep nurturing. Closing circle and feed back before we say goodbye