6. Festival Outreach Program

   ❤️  Da-a-luz Love dome  ❤️     

What is the Da-A-Luz Festival Dome?

Every year, since 2008, we have taken our massive, funky festival dome on ‘The Natural Birth Roadshow’ where we create a beautiful space in the ‘thick of it all’ at big name festivals. This space is dedicated to educating parents in all their birth choices and empowering birth keepers.


Fusion festival, north Germany, 28th June.

Magic woods, UK, 20th July.

Buddhafield, UK, same weekend with another crew!

Bimble Bandana, UK, 26th July.

Boomtowm, UK, 10th August.

Sunrise celebration, UK, 16th August

Shambala, UK, 23rd August.

Each year we delight and inspire festive goers ………. :

Buddhafield (3,000 people), Boomtown (50,000 people), Sunrise, Freekuency (Portugal), V Dub, Shambala (7,000), Bimble Bandana…


Why tour festivals?

To be pregnant, right now, in the 21st century is a huge opportunity and a mighty adventure. We are all living in a time of immense uncertainty. To heal the world we need to heal birth, so that money and protocol no longer dictate a medical model of care that results in high rates of cesarean section and intervention, traumatised families and midwives in prison. The festival scene offers an excellent demographic to educate and inspire around Birth and as Birth activists we seek to get out there in every possible way!

No-one is working as hard as we are to get this message out into the world.

Da-A-Luz is tackling the root cause of the problem and creating long term change, for the generations to come.



The beautiful 6m geodesic dome offers daily workshops to families and birth workers offering information and inspiration, movement for birth, partners class and a chance to talk too wise midwives the workshops are always packed!



 A calm space in an often hectic environment where people can have a cup of tea or a massage, breastfeed, change nappies, swap stories and information and celebrate the beauty of birth. 





We also offer ‘Munter Yoga’ at 9.30am often attended by more than 50… an ‘anyone can join’ yoga class with Vanessa Brooks.


We offer workshops to create a beautiful momento of he 2019 festiva season you beautiful cunt..the use of this ancient word is used to interact with folk about our views on sex and realationships, our fabulous team also create a talking circle which is an amazing sharing..the workshops were packed at every festival.it was super heartwarming ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

We can wow you with our amazing performance… aeriel hoop vagina! As birth activists we have found this moving and fun piece can move people to tears! it turns heads towards important issues AND we run a flash dance! WE ROCK!



Feedback from these festivals has been consistently positive, with so many people telling us that we have changed their lives.

How is it funded?

The ‘Natural Birth Roadshow’ costs us £4,500 each year to run, even after festivals pay us! We do this for love! Helped by beautiful folk (midwives, student midwives, doulas and birthworkers) who volunteer throughout the summer.

We are well supported by the festivals who believe in just how important this space is. Although we are donation based, so if you are running a small event do ask us…

Last year we were partly funded by Lush. We rely on donations and fundraising to keep going.

We believe wholeheartedly that everyone should have access to our space so we do not charge for workshops.

What is Da-A-Luz ?


Da-A-Luz is a 15 year old radical, groundbreaking and visionary project based in southern Spain and committed to ensuring that human rights around sexual health, pregnancy, birth and parenting are fully respected.


We speak out for midwives who are being persecuted and imprisoned for their beliefs and practices. We speak out against unethical sponsorship (for example midwifery bodies that accepting sponsorship from artificial milk companies).

We know that our connection with nature is a vital component of the birth process, we are actively working to reduce environmental damage ; the school and living areas are off-grid and we are mindful of what we consume.

Let’s talk about us being with you…

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