DA-A-LUZ is creating Europe’s first holistic midwifery  school in a picturesque valley of the Alpujarras…..

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Seventeen years of midwifery practice and many summers chatting to student midwives have led me to believe there are glaring gaps of  necessary knowledge in present midwifery training.

I am proud to be part of this new project that will create a holistic education for midwives across Europe that will serve families and true with women Midwifery.


Creating a sustainable network of professionals to support families and each

each other onthe incredible journey that is birth…💛💛💛💛


We will hold a space for the brave midwives previously persecuted around the globe  to share their infinite wisdom.


Our school Is in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Southern Spain. The fertile land is abundant with oranges, lemons, almonds and olives. Year round sunshine and gushing water from the 100 year old irrigation system enable us to grow food. We will take studies back to a basic wisdom. Living on the land, nurtured and inspired students and teachers  will flourish from the earth up.

We have gathered the sharpest, most passionate minds in midwifery to create a centre of wisdom away from modern medicine, protocol and insurance issues which stop true midwifery from flourishing as a profession. Rather than fighting a non functioning system, we are creating a new paradigm…….. Starting afresh.